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Saffina Desforges
Saffina Desforges Photo taken by Nikkojay Photogragphy

With traditional book publishing now facing its first serious challenge from the new generation of e-readers and e-reading platforms, The Saffina Desforges partnership is bringing exciting new writing to the public's attention, at the fraction of the cost (both in money and in cost to the planet) of a traditional book.

Saffina Desforges is the lead name for an exciting new author partnership, bringing new and ground-breaking writing to the international reading public, delivered on-line and at affordable prices.

We all love good old-fashioned books, of course, but this is the twenty-first century, and while "dead-tree publishing" still has much to offer, readers and authors need to think about the long-term cost, both to their pocket and to the planet, of the traditional publishing approach.

With e-books now able to be downloaded not just onto dedicated e-reader devices, but direct to your PC, laptop, iPad, mobile phone or a zillion other devices, there has never been a better time to join the e-reading revolution.

You can find our books on all good digital platforms as well as ordering paper versions direct from Amazon (or use our home page).

For the Rose Red series, please visit: saffinadesforgesroseredseries.com

We work closely with our preferred partner in ebook conversion, ebookpartnership.com and highly recommend their services.

For more information or for queries from publishers, please contact Saffi at: saffinadesforges@rocketmail.com

We are represented by Wade & Doherty Literary Agency, London.